May or may not

By Zhu Qinshen, 2011 : White Box Museum of Arts is proud to held from October 15th to the 25th "May or May not - Wang Huiqin Solo Exhibition". The opening cerimony is on Saturday, October 15th, 2011, from 3 to 4p.m.

From an historical point of view, the fact that a socialist country go through an economic reform is always been seen as a great event. The Yugoslavian Revisionism during the 60's might be considered as an earlier experiment of this. At that time all of us remember a name: Tito. The fundamental demand of socialist market economy based on a freedom of the market, at the same time it included also egualitarism and justice with socialistic carachteristics. Moreover, this egalitarism absolutely correspond with the so-called "equal opportunity" that stressed the idea that an equal distribution should be at any time and any place. This became the main aspect of the socialistic ideology.

Wang Huiqin is a Chinese artist who lives in the Republic of Slovenia, an ex Yugoslavian country.

In her works she deeply shows all the questions mentioned above. In a Western liberal market context, build up an equal and human bright socialist culture is still possible.

The fact that Tito brought socialism into an arbitrary decision system, it was not only a huge suffering for the people, but also a deep lesson for the humanity. This process has another important aspect: for Tito one of the prerogative was resist the German fascistic system and abandon the Slovenian Feudal structure in the aim of progress. This is the main reason why he also gained the support of all the people and the intellectuals which dedicate all their lives on the constitution of this ideology.

Although everything is been overshadowed by the economic reform, all those aspects can be clearly found on the works of artists and intellectuals. The weight of Wang Huiqin works is that even if she is a Chinese artist, her creative background is full of Slovenian Christian Tradition. For this reason, we can see a contrast reflected on her works between the understanding of socialism and her motherland characteristic.

The meaning of showing Wang Huiqin's works here in China is really particular. In her works she told us that a new kind of freedom has created a new type of market. Moreover, the development of human desire to reach right and richness has created an unequal and opportunistic society. In this society how the artists can equally represent the fundamental right of the society, how a socialist culture may become an intellectual conscience. Although once it was a complex part of the development of history, but at least this event is something that we really need to discover the reasons of the art practice.