Impalpable Beings

By Jani Pirnat : Impalpable is the pierced screen of the cool perforated plate on which shapes of bodies emerge through the proportion between the sizes of the coated and blank areas of the mesh. With respect to the extent of light cast on the plate, a negative or a positive image is formed, while the perforated steel plates have been suffused with a three-dimensional roundness and corporeality by virtue of the artist’s selection of fine art motifs and composition.

For several years Huiqin Wang has been molding her iconography with poetic traditional of Buddha, water lily flowers, Chinese Landscapes, and calligraphy, intertwined motifs such as nudes, dinosaurs and urban landscapes. Here, Wang is playing with duality of symbols; the water lily flower as a Chinese symbol of woman and the female nude on the cool plate exude the pessimistic alienation of insensitive corporeality on one hand and the hope of natural spiritualized love on the other. The images of Buddha, his hands and extinct dinosaurs signify the loss of the tender spiritual world and prevalence of consumerism, the artificial age, unrestrained exploitation of nature, which will give rise to the extinction of the world-ruling humans.

Calligraphy, traditional Chinese art and one of her basic tools of expression, encourages transformation and elevation of the level of perception of a fine art work that furthers advancement of the technique and enhancement of the mind. The seemingly classical images feature a series of overflowing sub-images. The nudes blend into landscapes, the landscapes merge with the grid of different-sized holes, first forming a constellation, then becoming a contour of a plant or an animal… It all depends on the personal experience, propensity and perceptiveness of a viewer.

The contemporary artistic trends prompt the artists to explore the diverse possibilities of expression facilitated by state-of the-art technology. The development of the mechanical equipment programming has brought about a revolution in the treatment of materials. CNC Lathes, computer-operated boring machines, giant printers, highly effective graphic stations, electronic audio and video media have become the brush, palette, hammer and chisel of contemporary artists. To Huiqin Wang, a specialist in graphic arts, the commercial technique of RM perforated stainless steel plates presents an interesting field with which to explore different possibilities of artistic expression and manipulation of the medium. As regards the initial procedures, the artist makes use of advanced technology, and subsequently processes the plate manually with classical graphic methods, photography, computer graphics, perforated painting, light object or shallow relief, graphic plate as well as intaglio and plano graphic printing are the levels and result of the exploration of the technique that has undreamt-of potential for the advancement of fine art expression. Slovenian cultural policy has for several years attempted to put the bulk of contemporary art sponsorship into the hands of business enterprises and entrepreneurs. A fine, albeit rare, example of such cooperation has been the support granted to Huiqin Wang by the Velenje company Fori. Wang acts as a cultural mediator, among others also in charge of the exchange of exhibitions of Chinese contemporary artists, at the same time helping the above mentioned company to penetrate into Chinese media market. The company, among others also involved in the processing of stainless steel plates, has offered to sponsor the artist’s creative endeavors. The result of this cooperation is the impalpable Beings exhibitions, under a different name and in somewhat different from already held in the premises of the Fori Velenje, the Venetian A+A Gallery and at the Palais Porcia Gallery in Vienna.